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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

After Reading Psychology of Color

This article on the website reports that different kinds of color represent different meanings. There are black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple and brown, these respectively stand for authority and power; innocence and purity, emotion and love, loyalty, nature, cheerfulness, luxury, wealth, and sophistication, and reliability and wistfulness. It also gives two examples that are the U.S. flag and food. The white, red and blue respectively represent purity and innocence, valor and hardiness and justice, perseverance, and vigilance; as for stars and stripes, those have different symbols.

This article is very interesting and explains how some major colors respectively stand for different kinds of meaning. It also describes why the people wear different color clothes in the varied situation; for example, like brides. In my opinion, I prefer white and black, because these are stylish and timeless.

Monday, June 26, 2006

After Reading “Britney: I Love My Child”

This article on the website reports the explanation of why Britney held her son in her lap while she was sitting in the driver's seat. Britney said that her son was in his car seat in the back; she was just waiting for her bodyguard and took her son out of his car seat and held him in her lap. She criticized the paparazzi through the report and said the paparazzi are aggressive in order to take her son's and her pictures. She ias also terrified that aggressive paparazzi put her son and her in danger. But she would do anything to protect her son.

After I read this article, I felt the article was very boring, because it just repoted Britney’s explanation. This kind of article doesn’t have any advantage for every person. But this kind of article is stills very popular. I think the reason is that readers want to know about the private lives of famous people, so it causes the private reports of famous people to become very valuable and a lot of paparazzi want to publish this kind of picture and article.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

After Reading Toyota Address Misinformation Regarding Advertising

The article on the website reorts that Toyota Motor Sales(TMS) retrcted their advertisment, because of rumors and misinformation about the advertisment. TMS utilized different postcard to stand for different culturs in the U.S.A., involving African Americans, males and women. Through some advertisments caused a little contriversy, TMS apologized right now. Through commercial advertisment and TMS's image, The Toyota's car has become very popular in the U.S.A.. The Toyota and Lexus dealership has grown 38 persent since 1998. The TMS employs more than 6200 Americans who work in Toyota; it has caused Toyota and Lexus to be more popular in North American.

Toyota is a successful car enterprise. In my opinion, Toyota has a lot of friendly advertisments. Its advertisments always attracts my eye contact. Beside its advertisment, Toyota's cars always present better quality than other brand cars. I think that's why Toyota succeeds, because of its advertisment and its car's quality.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

After reading Get Active

The report on the website is talk about the influence of new on the world. Through news on TV, the viewer can know a lot of information from different countries. The article utilizes the example of Sudan to describe the influence of news. Especially on the network, it could inform the viewer the present news on the world. therefore, a lot of people hope the news company can report some contructive and beneficial news to help the people who live in hurge, poverty and warfare.

In my opinion, the news not only tells information to the viewer, but also teaches behavior to the viewer; it has a huge influence on the viewer. But now, a lot of news companies in order to get viewers, always reports to negative news, like violent news. I think that is not good, because plenty of people will be afected by these negative news. If the news company report more positive news, it will be benefical for viewer.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

After Reading the Quest to End Addiction

This report on the website is discussing the influence of computer games. Some people get addicted to the computer games, which cause them to neglect their families and school work. But somebody naysay the computer games for causing people to neglect what they should be concerned about, and they think the computer game can turn their passion into pay dirt. In fact, many people think that the computer games can easily lead to addiction and can interrupt basic components of life, involving school and work and relationship, etc.. Some people also think that computer games are just games, they could not represent the real life.

The computer games of the present day are very attractive to many people, including me. I am also attracted by the computer games. The computer games indeed can relax people’s mood and inspire people’s fancy. But it also easily causes people to be addicted to this game. I agree with the opinion of the report, especialy that addiction to the computer games easily leads to neglect of important things, including school, work and relationships with people. Before we play computer games, we should know how to balance our time between the computer games and our important things and that is very important.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

After Reading "Three die in Saudi shop stampede"

This article on this website is discussing the fact that a branch of IKEA claimed a limited number of credit vouchers were offered to the public in Saudi Arabia. More than 8000 people stood in a queue all night for these vouchers, but a lot of people wouldn’t be able to obtain these vouchers. Because of this reason, this incident caused three people to be crushed to death and sixteen people injured.

The power of crowd usually causes people to lose their mind and become very crazy. No matter what the event is, if that’s human’s desire, they would always be crazy for it. Also, no matter where it takes place, people’s behavior is all the same. People can see this kind of news happening around the world all the time. They’d better to keep the lesson. However, I think sometimes, people are greedy; they always ignore the lesson unconsciously and they always forget to prevent themselves from being injured. That’s why such kind of accidents happen again and again. In addition, after reading Le Bon’s theory, I think that is very interesting. It says that the large number of people in a crowd allows our primitive, “animal” side to come out. I agree with this theory, because when some people are in a crowd, they feel they are hidden in a group. They can turn of their masks off civilized behavior and do some irrational things. So, I think when people lose their mind in a crowd, it is very dangerous.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Reading about Gene

This article discusses about whether the gene is the main reason that causes homosexuality. Some psychologist think that the fact of homosexuality was caused by the social environment. The important research discussed the relationship between the gene and the homosexuality in 1993, but they just discussed the single X chromosome, and explained that it is likely that the homosexuality gene is passed down from the mom to the son. However, the result of basing the study on a single gene is not convincing. Also, it indicated that only less than 50% showed that there is something with the gene and the sexual orientation. Therefore, there is still a long way to go.

Since the improvement of technology, lots of studies have been conducted. Even the sexual orientation can be shown by the study. To tell the truth, I didn’t realize that homosexuality can be inherited from the gene until I browsed this website. Just like what others thought, I always though that the homosexuals themselves choose to have “this” life-style they live. But the fact is not like this. As you can see from the website, lots of studies are attempting to connect the relationship between the gene and the sexual orientations and to locate that the gene seems to play a significant role in influencing the sexual orientation. Although there is not any definite and absolute result yet, and no matter what the result is, I think the homosexuals are just like the different color of people’s skin or eyes in the world; people should learn to be more of accepting the homosexual life-style.